Leverage the power of third-party validation to win buyer trust.

Build trust effortlessly. Close more deals.

Buyers don't take suppliers at their word anymore.

Today, buyers turn to online third-party sources to help them make purchasing decisions. Only 37% of B2B buyers who conduct research on a supplier’s website feel it’s the most helpful resource. Instead, they visit forums, hunt for reviews, flip through publications, and more.  

Buyers want to hear authentic feedback from their peers.

Buyers want a full picture of the entire relationship between you and your customers, not just your product. They trust their peers above all other sources to give them detailed, relevant information.

Is your online reputation as strong as it is offline?

You work hard to build your business’s reputation. But in this digital age, buyers seek online validation of even the most glowing personal recommendations. To win over prospective customers, you need to be proactive about putting positive third-party validated information in front of buyers when they need it most.

Don't leave your reputation behind.

Kinnek can help. 

Show off your 

industry cred

Display your awards and accreditations to show credibility

Earn customer endorsements for services you provide

Word of mouth, powered by the internet

Kinnek transforms your reputation into your most powerful online marketing and sales tool.

Increase your reach

Integrates into your sales flow with Kinnek Trust Assistant

Optimized for top search results


Enhance your customers voices

In-depth reviews built for B2B

Verified reviews that buyers trust

"Kinnek has helped us tremendously with collecting and hosting verified reviews and business information. Now when I’m bidding on new business, I direct my customers to our Kinnek page so they can see right away that we are reputable. Our presence on Kinnek has definitely helped us turn more quotes into sales."

- AJ Pinkus, Owner

WalkinCooler Warehouse

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No webmaster or developer needed. 

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