Kinnek Trust Assistant

Proactively integrate third-party validated information into your sales cycle. 

Trust Assistant sends beautiful Trust Reports to your prospective customers at critical moments.

Build trust with buyers by sending them validated information from a third-party source.

...with a new quote a follow up to a quote or message your new trade show contacts

Send a Trust Report...

Try it yourself! Send an email to yourself and BCC

You'll automatically receive a sample Trust Report!


Simply add a BCC to on any quote you email.


Kinnek Trust Assistant receives your request for a Trust Report.


Customer receives both your original email and a Trust Report from Kinnek.

Using Trust Assistant is easy

Kinnek's analytics allow you to identify your warmest prospects so you can engage your customers at the best possible moments. 

Powerful actionable insights

"Trust Assistant is so simple to use and I like getting all our best information in front of customers. The Trust Report is very impactful and helps me reconnect with customers I haven’t heard from in a while. It gives me something powerful to follow-up with instead of just the usual check-in email."

- John Mueller · Director of Sales, Bru Gear 

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