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Increase the visibility of your reputation with high search rankings and easy sharing. 

Enhance the effect of your customers voices with reviews that buyers trust.

Detailed, structured reviews give your B2B buyers a full picture of the service you provide.

Save time and rest easy with guidance from your dedicated account manager.

Kinnek reviews are indexed by Google, adding instant third-party validation to your search results.

Spread the word

High search visibility

Easily share your best reviews with prospective customers on social media or through email.   

Made to share

Kinnek verifies each review using an invoice or similar documentation. 

Trusted by buyers

Verified reviews

B2B sales needs B2B reviews. Kinnek reviews are tailored to the needs of business buyers, not consumers.

B2B rating categories

Verified reviewers are more likely to write you a positive review.

Photos and videos show prospective customers what it’s like to work with you every step of the way. 

Immersive reviews

Customer photos and videos

Highlight the services that make you exceptional. Your customers can endorse you from a fully customizable set of skills.

Skill endorsements

Continue building a strong relationship with your customers by responding to their testimonials.

Respond to reviews

Photos and videos of your products in situ can be more powerful than staged product photos.

Your replies show prospective customers proof of the strong relationships you’ve built.

Expert support

Your Account Manager will help you tactfully collect and verify reviews so you can focus on running your business. 

Save time

Your account manager knows the best questions to ask to elicit detailed, relevant and compelling reviews for you.

Maximize your impact

"Now that I have Kinnek’s review management system, I’m requesting and collecting more reviews than ever before. Kinnek’s Reputation tools are intuitive and relevant to how business is conducted today. I love how customers can include their own videos and images of our products within their review - it’s fantastic! I’m positive that Kinnek as increased our exposure, which in turn increased our sales."

- Marla Cook · Great Engineering

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